Grow Your Tech Start-Up With A Digital Marketing Plan

So you’ve finally got your investment for your tech start-up business – what an exciting time! You may be sitting back and thinking, now what? How will you ensure that your new resources are used in the most optimal way, to boost your business and ensure growth both quickly, and in the long run?

At Leaders In Digital, we know that the right strategic approach when it comes to marketing can result in less time, cost, and effort needed to get seen by the right audiences, and greater results through better use of resources!
We have tried and tested scientific processes that have worked for tech start-ups to help them grow through a mix of marketing strategies.

As an example, we were able to grow the website traffic for one of our clients, an online booking platform for wellness retreats, from 846 in March 2020 to 2,812 in December 2020 through a targeted SEO strategy. A brilliant result for a travel-related tech business during the height of the pandemic. They were also able to showcase their positive digital marketing results to help achieve further funding!

Are you ready to start your journey to success? Here are some key points and channels to consider for your digital marketing plan:

Start With A Solid Foundation

Every start-up business must build a stable foundation for its digital presence to guarantee its road to success. This can include branding, language, and tone of voice that effectively communicates your mission and speaks to the right audiences.

Maintaining consistent messaging across marketing channels and choosing the right channels and communication methods for your target audience form a key part of your digital marketing plan. This can be a make-it-or-break-it move for your business.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a known tool for creating long-term, sustainable brand awareness and reaching new audiences – beneficial for any start-up business. It involves the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines. A targeted SEO strategy has the power to turn things around for your business and make a mark in what can be a saturated online market.

We were able to help our client successfully grow their online booking platform for wellness retreats doing just that. Through website optimisation, they were able to rank 1st in Google Search Results for the keywords “affordable wellness retreats”, “Custom Wellness holiday” and “Wellness retreat builder”, helping to boost their website traffic with a highly relevant audience of retreat seekers!

Creating A Digital Marketing Plan

Paid Social Ads

It’s no doubt that social media channels are where the majority of audience attention is these days. Paid ads can help to ensure that your tech product or service reaches your specific target audience who are already highly engaged with these channels.

When adding paid ads to your digital marketing plan, Leaders In Digital understand the importance of knowing your audience, understanding their online behaviour, and making sure to have a thoroughly researched plan to achieve maximum results with the resources available.

We were able to boost website visits for our client’s online booking platform for wellness retreats, through targeting those who had previously engaged with our client’s social media channels, as well as those with keen interests in travel, yoga, and adventure holidays – increasing brand awareness and generating over 400 clicks in just 2 months with a minimal budget of AED 70!

Paid Search

Search ads appear on search engines and are a great way to capture relevant audiences who are already looking for something related to your tech product or service. Through targeting highly relevant search keywords we can help drive traffic to your website or app in the short term.

For example, we worked closely with our client to successfully grow their online service marketplace app to increase their mobile installations from 0 to 3,000 through paid search, with their traffic growing by 143% – a brilliant result!

Make it Happen

Leaders in Digital is dedicated to helping clients reach their business targets using tools such as SEO, paid media, and social ads while guiding them through the ins and outs of digital marketing.

With our in-depth knowledge, experience, and insight, we can assist your brand’s growth in the industry with data-driven strategies that have been proven to work. Ready for that commitment? Reach out to us for more digital marketing tips to help you and your business succeed!

Grow Your Tech Start-Up With A Digital Marketing Plan

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