Making communication work for you
is what drives us

From PR and positioning to comms planning and content strategy, we create a communications blueprint
that gets your business heard.

Our team of passionate communicators gets inside your business to understand who you need to reach, what messages you have for them, and how we can best reach them to tell your story.

We create bespoke corporate communications strategies and plans that get you in front of the right people to drive sales, get results, secure investment and grow your business.

Our solutions are designed to get your message across clearly, ensuring your business vision becomes a reality in the eyes of your customers, partners and employees.

For us at In2, it’s about making a strong impact on your business through effective communication.


Communication Strategy

Is your PR & Communications driving sales? To get results you need a plan.

Public Relations

Is your business being heard? Are you reaching your audience?

Content strategy & creation

When you can’t find the words, we can.

Internal Communications

With everyone on the same page, you succeed.

Positioning & Messaging

Let us tell your story.

Training & Capacity Building

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your team?