Bespoke B2B Corporate Communications

From strategic PR, communication advisory and brand positioning to campaign planning and content development, we create a business communication blueprint to your exact needs.

As a business communication advisory, we deep-dive into your business to understand:

  • what kind of content do you need?
  • why do you need it and who is it for?
  • where does this content fit into your overall marketing plan?
  • how are you going to measure success?

We create bespoke B2B communication strategies that get you in front of the right people to drive sales, get results, secure investment, and grow your business. For us at In2, it’s about making a strong impact on your business through effective communication.

Here are some examples of communications we create: thought leadership articles, positioning statements, pitch decks, company profiles, brand narratives, press kits, social media policies, crisis communication, executive bios, website content, internal communication plans and much, much more…

A long story short: we juggle words.

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