Cristina Baekkelund Kristensen

With over 20 years’ experience from the Far East, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Cristina is a communications professional with proficiency in multiple industries and multicultural environments. She handles business communication and content development for a varied client portfolio, primarily B2B within hospitality, tech and service.

Expertise: Business communication, thought leadership, ghostwriting, feature writing, content development, strategic PR, corporate profiling, social media strategies and brand building.

  • From Denmark, Cristina lived in the UAE for nine years before moving to Copenhagen where she now resides
  • BA in English and French from Copenhagen Business School
  • Previously worked for companies such as Maersk, Nielsen Marketing Research and The Economist
  • Prior to joining In2 she was the PR Account Director at CTT Consulting Dubai
  • In charge of In2 Consulting’s LinkedIn and social media platforms
Cristina Baekkelund Kristensen
Cristina Baekkelund Kristensen

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