CEO Profiling – A Great Way To Drive Business Growth

Today’s diverse media landscape makes businesses, and the people behind them, more approachable than ever. If customers or potential customers want to contact you, chances are, they can; whether that be via your business website, your company’s Twitter account, direct email, or even your personal LinkedIn profile.

This accessibility blends more than ever the business and the person. If you are the CEO of a company, whether big or small, your clients expect to see you and they want to hear from you. As with all communications, it’s better to be proactive, so for leaders, now is the time to take a step in front of the business and work on your CEO marketing.

The variety of media channels available to us means that there are several ways to do this, but outlets need to be carefully chosen to best reach your intended audience and align with your communication goals.

These could be high-level interviews with business magazines, thought-provoking columns written for a B2B audience, short opinion pieces to peers on LinkedIn, and tactical posts on other social media. That’s just the written form of CEO profiling; audiovisual content is easier to produce than ever and can give CEOs breadth of reach to complement print and digital media. Not every story is appropriate for mainstream television, and appearances on radio channels are increasingly commercial, but CEOs can contribute to webinars and podcasts, or even host their own show.

Many CEOs also feel an obligation to give back, perhaps via education or industry events, and this can add another dimension to your profiling. Why not consider lecturing at a university, mentoring, or moderating a workshop of future entrepreneurs? Physical events are starting to come back onto the calendar, and speaking opportunities at tradeshows and conferences are another great way to increase your presence. Make an impact and you will achieve the greatest form of marketing; word of mouth.

Whether in print, online, or in person, CEOs need to tell their story. We are here to help you do so.

CEO Profiling Strategy
CEO Profiling – A Great Way To Drive Business Growth

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