Step by Step Guide to Public Relations for Tech Start-ups

As a tech start-up, do you find it challenging to articulate exactly what it is you do, to people outside of your organisation?

Over the past decade of working with tech companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and growth companies, we know many find it difficult to explain in clear-cut terms what they do, which problem(s) they solve for their customers, and how they’re different from their competitors.

When you’re in the process of launching or growing your business, it is vital to be able to reach investors, partners and prospective customers with effective communication and to clearly articulate your purpose, product and vision. Unfortunately, communication is often an afterthought when it comes to product development. But business communication is exactly how you move your product or service from the development stage to launch.

For your business to take off, you need to dedicate time and resources to develop your story and brand narrative. A business communication strategy will help position your business in the industry and enable you to reach your business goals, whether they are to drive quality sales leads, boost your visibility in the market, accelerate your growth, enter a new market or seek funding.

At In2, we can help you develop a PR and business communication strategy for your start-up or growth company. It’s as easy as A, B, C…and D.

The building blocks of communication

Identify and understand your customers and stakeholders and define how to reach and engage them in a crowded marketplace.

To make a real, lasting connection with people, you need to tell your story, not do a sales pitch, by developing a compelling brand narrative that tells your story and gets your brand heard.

Now that you know your audience and your story, you need to select the right communication channels to reach, connect and engage with your audiences and serve them with content that makes them tick.

Now that you have your ABC building blocks in place, you need to develop your communication toolbox to include the following: positioning statement, brand narrative, elevator pitch, stakeholder map, audience matrix, communications channel map, presentation outline for your corporate, product and/or investment deck, digital strategy for website and social media, PR strategy for media, story board for a brand video/animation and a thought leadership plan.

With these building blocks, you basically have all your communication assets in place, the only thing left is to run with it, and move from ABCD to E- EXECUTION.

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Why your company exists and how you’re changing the industry through innovation will mean different things to different people. We can get you in front of the right people and get your business heard by the people that matter most. Drop us a line if you need help

By Cristina Kristensen, Director of Communications

Step by Step Guide to Public Relations for Tech Start-ups

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