Internal Communication From The Inside Out

Is silence really golden? Certainly not in internal communication. Sadly, many organisations still believe it is best not to tell employees what’s going on or to share important information. But guess what? You communicate whether you like it or not – through formal communications, policies and procedures, systems and the behavior of management. 

It’s surprising that not more organisations see the immense benefit that internal communication and strong employee engagement can bring to the table, and the bottom line. There are far too many organisations out there that still see internal communication as they used to see public relations: as a fluffy, soft-skill, nice to have department that sits anywhere but around the boardroom table.

We see internal communication as communication ‘from the inside out’. Not using your most credible colleagues, your most passionate people and your most active advocates to reach out to your audiences seems ludicrous. It’s a lost opportunity, and a costly one.

Employees want to be informed, and in order to do their jobs well they need to understand how they contribute individually to the overall success of the organisation. Communication around strategy therefore needs to be clear, transparent, regular and honest, and that’s exactly what a strong internal communications capacity provides.

Strong internal communication gets everybody ‘on the same page’ so they can work effectively towards common goals; it helps create a workplace that motivates people – and one they don’t want to leave; it enables everybody to do a better job, so you have happier customers and a more successful business.

We group the business benefits of internal communication into five core areas:

  1. Line of Sight: “I know where the company is headed and the part I am expected to play.”
  2. Reputation: “I say good things about my company and am a good ambassador.”
  3. Change Management: “I understand what changes are happening and why, and how I should respond.”
  4. Regulation & Compliance: “I follow all the rules and regulations associated with my role.”
  5. Engagement: “I am motivated to perform well at work.”

Internal communication is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must-have’. It’s a true business enabler that optimises the flow of information within the organisation and helps improve individual and business performance.

By Anne Bleeker, Managing Director


Internal Communication From Inside Out
Internal Communication From The Inside Out

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