Why Business Communication Is Key To a Tech Start-up’s Success

It takes more than just great technology, products, and services for companies to grow and succeed. You need to be able to tell your story through effective business communication to get heard by the people that matter most.

If you’re a tech entrepreneur planning to go to market with your product or solution, are looking to accelerate your growth, or are about to embark on a funding round, then consider working with a business communications consultant to help you develop your marketing strategy, to tell and own your story, and to get you in front of the right people to ensure your business success.

Business communication consultants are specialised in helping entrepreneurs and companies, just like yours, find the right words and strategies to grow and succeed. Every business owner is a storyteller, and you need to be able to convey your purpose, product, and vision to a wide array of audiences including prospective clients, investors, employees, and partners.

Over the past decade, we have worked with a myriad of tech start-ups and growth companies that represent the best and most innovative technology solutions. When we first engage with them, many find it challenging to articulate exactly what they do, what problem they solve for customers, and how they’re different from their competitors, all key to effective positioning of your business and your marketing strategy.

Business communication that drives results

Especially in the start-up phase of a business, freeing up funds to engage an external consultant to help with your marketing strategy might be a challenge and is often undervalued by startups. If you don’t allocate time and resources to develop your story and brand narrative, however, your business communication efforts are at risk of being in vain.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune; it’s about aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals so you can focus on the activities that drive the results you’re after. Here are four core areas to consider for your business communication, which are all things your audience is looking for from you:

Clarity – Develop a compelling and concise brand narrative that you can tell and own
Develop your elevator pitch that articulates the positioning, purpose, and values of your business so your story is crystal clear to those that need to hear it.

Credibility – Show the team that’s behind your tech
Position you and your team as industry experts in your sector through strategic thought leadership content, speaking opportunities, and participation in industry events.

Connection – Identify your audience and connect with them
Build your customer journey and experience, engage with your audience via your social media channels, through case studies, and by writing and posting relevant content.

Confidence – Give your audience the confidence to invest, buy, and partner with you
Make sure you have a well thought-out company presentation and investor deck, a good website, professional biographies for your team, and a presence on social media so you can confidently tell your story to all your stakeholders.

Grow Your Business With Business Communication

Sounds overwhelming or like a lot of work? It doesn’t have to be. If you get your business communication set up right from the onset, launching and growing your business will be more seamless and your marketing activities, PR efforts, and social media content more effective.

Interested to find how we can help you launch or grow your tech business? Book a complimentary 60-min strategy session with our team today. To grow your business, you need to own your story.

By Anne Bleeker, Managing Director

Why Business Communication Is Key To a Tech Start-up’s Success

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