Top 5 Business Communication Trends to watch in 2023

As individuals and organisations, we have undergone a huge amount of change when it comes to how we communicate, work and collaborate. In the aftermath of the global pandemic, we will continue to see its effects and impact, and must be prepared to adapt and evolve our business communications strategies to remain relevant and effective.

In this blog we have listed the top 5 business communication trends we suggest keeping an eye on in 2023 and beyond.

1. Omni-channel communications

We expect digital transformation to further accelerate with technologies such as AI and voice which are advancing rapidly. Now more than ever, do we need to be where our stakeholders are when it comes to communication channels. This includes being prepared to have an omni-channel approach as part of our business communication strategy. Whether this means servicing our customers on WhatsApp, writing content for voice searches, or conducting meetings in the metaverse, we better get ready.

2. Hybrid and remote working

Many of us associate remote and hybrid work with the global pandemic, but we believe it’s here to stay. In fact, we saw the benefits of this business model over a decade ago when we founded In2 Consulting and set it up as a virtual agency to serve our clients.

With global staff shortages, increases in energy prices and changing workplace expectations of new generations, we firmly believe that business communicators have a critical role to play in building communication frameworks that are conducive to these changes. There’s a lot of work to be done to prepare organisations, leaders and teams for a permanent shift in the way we work. An exciting challenge for those that are up for it.

3. The metaverse

Our third trend to watch in 2023 is the metaverse, which will require a different and augmented set of communication skills, tools and channels for effective business communication. It’s coming our way and fast, and we need to be prepared to seamlessly transition between reality, virtual reality and the metaverse when it comes to business communication.

Whether it’s driven by customers, consumers or corporates, we will need to include the metaverse in our business communication strategies going forward and understand the impact on both online and offline communications, customer experiences and reputation management.

4. Responsible communications

If the pandemic taught us one thing it’s responsibility. For our health, the planet and each other. As the world paused, the effects of climate change and the pertinence of social justice and sustainability have never been more visible. As business communicators we have the responsibility to act on this and ensure the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives of the organisations and leaders we represent are at the core of their business and communication strategy.

5. Authenticity and personalisation

Content is king, but to stand out in an increasingly crowded and cluttered marketplace – where there’s everything but a shortage of content – differentiation is key. Consumers are increasingly looking for communication that is authentic and personable, for brands they can relate to.

Organisations and leaders that are authentic, responsive and responsible in their communication have the opportunity to widen their reach, deepen their connections and increase their engagement with their stakeholders. This, combined with the influx of fake news and click-bait, gives business communicators a great opportunity and platform to reach their key audiences through well-thought out, authentic and – where possible- highly personalised content and communication campaigns.

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By Anne Bleeker, Founder & MD


Top 5 Business Communication Trends to watch in 2023

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