Why Do You Need A Seasonal Content Marketing Plan?

A seasonal content marketing plan can help increase profitability and brand awareness.

Christmas, Easter, Eid, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Valentine’s, New Year, etc. are all seasonal events which drive a lot of social media interest, website traffic, and consequently sales. These holidays and events should be factored into your communication content calendar. Why? Because your customers react to particular seasons in predictable ways that you can leverage.

Seasonal content marketing means adjusting your communication plan to upcoming events. It’s about looking at the calendar, identifying appropriate opportunities throughout the year, and capitalizing on them with targeted communications. Seasonal marketing doesn’t have to relate to an official holiday, it could also be something as generic as the “winter season”.

Once you’ve established which main events you want to work with, start planning. We recommend creating a communication content plan supported with marketing ideas three to six months ahead. You need to establish your communication objectives, audience segmentation, key messages, channel map, and content matrix including on-brand visuals. A top tip is to keep an eye on search trends, as seasonality is constantly evolving.

For all seasonal events, you should explore which topics and themes would be relevant for your business and the products and services you offer. Then align your messages to tie in with the current events or happenings. No matter what product or service you are marketing, it is absolutely possible to create content, incentives, or deals that tie in with a particular event or time of year. Also, you can make smart use of sharing relevant news and linking updates from other businesses and organisations to your social media channels and website.

It’s not just about the holidays though. You should also consider aligning your content calendar to ongoing events within your industry or region such as trade shows and conferences or even global events such as Expo2020 Dubai.

Seasonal content is also a strategic opportunity to increase and strengthen brand awareness. You can seek out opportunities to showcase your thought leadership on timely topics, arrange webinars, or attend events as an expert speaker. The seasonal events and holidays are also an excellent time to give back, be charitable and show your followers how your company handles social and environmental responsibilities.

If you need help to build a seasonal marketing campaign, just call us. At In2 Consulting, we have been helping businesses like yours find the right words and strategies to grow and succeed for over a decade.


By Cristina Kristensen, Director of Communications 

Creating Seasonal Content Marketing Plan
Why Do You Need A Seasonal Content Marketing Plan?

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